Because data is outside

QField, the future of QGIS on mobile devices

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Why QField?
data is outside the office
The missing bit in QGIS ecosystem
What is QField?
A mobile based data collection app for QGIS
Minimalistic user interface for touch devices

hides the full power of QGIS under the hood.
What can I do with QField?
Comfortably prepare the work on your QGIS desktop once.
Efficiently work on your GIS data outdoor.
What is in QField?
  • QGIS experience
  • Made for touch
  • Powerful features
  • QGIS Forms
  • Drag and drop designer
  • Conditional visibility
  • Attribute constrains
  • Default values
  • Take picture
  • Digitize and edit
  • points, lines, polygons
  • Z coordinates
  • Snapping
  • Internal or external GPS
  • Attribute search
  • Only in searchable layers
  • In display expression
  • Zoom to result
  • What workflows can I have?
    The explorer

    The lone ranger

    Online (live) editing

    Offline editing

    Custom applications
    And action!
    Digitising with picture
    Printing PDF
    Editing geometries

    Version 1.0 coming soon
    Your custom app
    Join the effort
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