Basic configuration#


  • Python 3.7 is required. Check on Travis that you are using at least Python 3.7.

  • qgis-plugin-ci must find an existing GitHub release for the tag. Either you create the release from GitHub, which will trigger Travis or you can use Travis/GitHub Actions to create the release automatically.

One can easily set up a deployment using Travis.

  1. Add qgis-plugin-ci to requirements.txt or have pip install qgis-plugin-ci in install step.

  2. Specify the environment variables required to connect to the different platforms (Osgeo, Github, Transifex). You can add them either using the Travis CLI with travis encrypt or use the web interface to add the variables.

  3. Add a deploy step to release the plugin:

  - provider: script
    script: qgis-plugin-ci release ${TRAVIS_TAG} --github-token ${GH_TOKEN} --osgeo-username ${OSGEO_USERNAME} --osgeo-password {OSGEO_PASSWORD}
      tags: true

This assumes that you have an existing GitHub release. Alternatively, Travis can create the release by adding a releases provider before the script provider:

- provider: releases
  name: Title of the release ${TRAVIS_TAG}
  api_key: ${GH_TOKEN}
    tags: true