Changelog (CLI)#

Manipulate file, extracting relevant information.
Used within the package and release commands to populate the metadata.txt and the GitHub Release description.

By default, the script will look for a file in the root folder. But you can specify a specific file path with changelog_path in the configuration file. For instance:



Command help#

usage: qgis-plugin-ci changelog [-h] release_version

positional arguments:
  release_version  The version to be released. If nothing is speficied, the latest
                   version specified into the changelog is used.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help       show this help message and exit


The file must follow the convention Keep A Changelog. For example, see this repository changelog.

Use cases#

  • Extract the content and copy it into the changelog section within plugin metadata.txt

  • Extract the n latest versions from into metadata.txt

  • Get the latest version release note


Extract changelog for latest version#

$ qgis-plugin-ci changelog latest
- Separate python files and UI files in the temporary PRO file (#29)